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About Beth


I became a wedding officiant to support couples like you who want to bring an easy-going sincerity to the part of the wedding that has been losing meaning and definition for nonreligious folks. Being able to marrying people is also something I see as a vibrant community need.

Before training as an officiant, I helped lead a Quaker organization and was a fiction & memoir editor. A large part of my officiant work is also creating and conducting personal, nonreligious funeral services. As an endorsed Humanist minister, I serve the growing population of "nones": atheists, agnostics, non-believers, and irreligious. 

If you're spiritual-not-religious, interfaith, atheist, LGBTQ+, of color, multi-cultural, or just having trouble finding someone who gets you, let's talk. I proudly serve people of all faiths, races, genders, orientations, and cultures with sensitivity, joy, and creativity. If you're LGBTQ+ or BIPOC check out my community pricing.

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