"Beth is perfect for anyone who wants a quirky and meaningful ceremony, especially if they are non-traditional or don't have a personal faith. It's too easy to end up feeling like a ceremony is worth 'less' if there's no religious element, but what we had was thoughtful, emotional, and funny too. The process was easy and fun, she was incredibly helpful (especially when I was panicking horribly) and we enjoyed having her at our wedding!"

"Beth made our wedding. She was thorough, thoughtful, and really customized our wedding to be exactly what we wanted. She made the whole process easy and our ceremony was so personal that it felt like we knew her for years (instead of a few months). It was worth every penny as our wedding day went so smoothly as she planned everything for us with our input. Top notch!"

⁠— J + A

⁠— G + A

"The ceremony was perfect in every way. You did a spectacular job and we’ll never forget it!"

⁠— R & C

"The ceremony was perfect. Not just perfect⁠—perfect for them."

⁠— erin, couple's best friend

"Thank you for being a fantastic minister! We could not have hoped for a more lovely ceremony. You made the ceremony personal and meaningful for us and our families. It was even better than what we could have hoped for."

⁠— A & J

Photo by Maureen Cotton

"Do you see how an act is not, as young men think, like a rock that one picks up

Photo by Andrea Van Orsouw

and throws, and it hits or misses, and that's the end of it? 

Photo by Andrea Van Orsouw

When that rock is lifted, the earth is lighter, the hand that bears it heavier...

Photo by Doug Levy

When it is thrown, the circuits of the stars respond...

Photo by Maureen Cotton

and where it strikes or falls, the universe is changed."

Ursula K. Le Guin

Photo by Maureen Cotton

Photo by Beth Stokes


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