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Vow Writing & Editing

One of the central elements of a wedding is the expression of vows you offer to your partner in front of the people who are most special to you. It can feel like a lot! Every couple I marry receives materials to help guide and inform their vow writing if they'd like it. For those who want even more support, I offer complete vow writing and vow editing services.  

You can also work with me remotely! Whether you're in Athens or Zurich, I'm happy to provide the same support via online or phone interviews.


Your feelings, your promises, your voice—with the support of someone who's done this before. If you'd like help crafting deeply personal and custom vows that reflect your unique voice, love, and commitment, this service includes a one-on-one interview, first draft, a revision pass to incorporate your feedback, and a rehearsal version of your vows with practical delivery cues.
$125 Individual


Are you pretty sure what you want to say but would love some neutral and practical feedback? Do you and your partner have radically different goals about the tone or length of your vows? This editing review ensures your vows are complementary in length, tone, and meaning.  Includes a rehearsal version with practical speaking cues.



Photo by Andrea Van Orsouw

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