Completely Custom - $600

  • Performance of the wedding ceremony

  • Unlimited meetings to elicit and craft your unique ceremony. Drafts until four weeks before your wedding date. Meetings can be in person or virtual, whichever is most convenient.

  • Personalized ceremony incorporating themes, stories, readings and a ritual that are meaningful to you as a couple. 

  • Coordination with your vendor team (venue manager, wedding planner, photographer, musicians, and DJ). Reference sheets for each vendor to ensure the correct timing, amplification, cues, materials, vantage points, etc. for your personal ceremony.

  • Small PA system as needed.

  • Completion of your marriage license and filing with the state, with proof of submission.  

  • Commemorative and symbolic wedding certificate, suitable for framing

Add ons: Ceremony rehearsal, custom ritual design. Not included: Travel at .54/mile, peak travel surcharge, accommodations, materials for rituals.

Elopements, Pop-Up's, Micro and Last-Minute Ceremonies  - $300

  • Performance of the wedding ceremony

  • Personalized ceremony incorporating a theme and reading that is meaningful to you as a couple. 

  • Small PA system as needed.

  • Completion of your marriage license and filing with the state, with proof of submission.  

  • Commemorative and symbolic wedding certificate, suitable for framing


Can you provide guidance on the marriage license process? Where are you authorized to officiate? 
Sure thing! I'm able to officiate weddings in all of New England and farther afield if you're interested.  If you've got something unconventional in mind--maybe marriage at sea, rock climbing, on bicycles, or in a bowling alley--I'm your person! Here are links to each state's official guidance on how to apply for a marriage license (as of December 2018). 

What kinds of ceremonies do you perform? 
I perform warm, fun, joyful, personal, non-religious ceremonies that sometimes incorporate interfaith or cultural elements.  I'm happy to co-officiate with other religious or non-religious leaders you would like to include in your day. I do not perform highly religious rituals that use restricted items, or rituals that guests would reasonably think were religious if they were performed or used by a spiritual leader of a specific religion, e.g. --distribute communion, consecrate bread and wine, wear a headdress, professional chanting, smudging, etc. However, these rituals or items often reflect archetypal human elements and symbols, and there's almost always a way to create a unique ceremony with similar gravitas or meaning. Above all, I'm creative! 


How often will we meet, where, and how?
I'm happy to meet in person or virtually, and coordinating via text or email is great. If we meet in person, I usually meet at someplace convenient to us both, where we can have a semi-private conversation, like a cafe or shared work space. You'll (both) get to tell me your hopes, wants, must-have's, ideas, fantasies, must-not's, and already-have's to create the structure of your ceremony, and then the content of your ceremony. There will be reflection and writing in-between these meetings for you to do on your own. Additionally, we may meet or you may set aside some time to provide feedback on the ceremony structure and rituals, to review drafts, to write or review vows, and to provide vendor contact info so that together I can form part of the net beneath the two of you on the big day. 


What do you charge, and what's included?

Prices are listed above, with typical inclusions and exclusions. Typical add-ons are a rehearsal and vow writing. If there's anything I missed, or anything you have a question about, just ask! Stressful money conversations are the worst, so I do my best to be straightforward.

How will you be dressed?

My default attire is a black dress, tights, heels,and funky earrings. Sometimes I change it up and wear a black suit and nice blouse, or a funky dress. I don't wear religious style robes or accessories (stole, collar, etc.). My favorite outfit is the black suit and my high tops. If that sounds like you, let me know!

How long is the ceremony?

As long as it needs to be, and no longer. Whether your ceremony is 10 minutes or an hour, it should bring you and your guests through the same emotional arc and out the other side to your new and amazing married state. When everything in the ceremony is there for a reason, it keeps the emotional journey active through this ritualized and extra-ordinary time. While you are in charge of the content, I typically lend expertise on the form, structure, and progression through an emotional arc, and will advocate for things that are meaningful, placed at evocative moments of the ceremony.  

Do you attend the rehearsal?

Coordinating your rehearsal is included in the Completely Custom ceremony, and I recommend it with a ceremony that will be unusual, long, or includes many participants (including non-humans!).  The rehearsal is an add-on an option for other ceremonies.


Can friends and family participate in the ceremony?
ABSOLUTELY! There are many opportunities for you to honor and include family and friends in the ceremony. While it increases the complexity (and fun), children and pets are welcome, too!

Can we write our own vows? 

Yes! While vows are not required, if you want to profess vows to each other, I encourage you to write your own. If either or both of you want prompts, structure, suggestions, or help writing your vows, I'm happy to help there, too. 

Are there other personal touches we can add on to our ceremony?

Your ceremony will be tailored to your vibe, interests, values, and traditions no matter which option you choose, through theme, readings, and figurative language. Meaningful rituals like handfasting, candle lighting, etc. are also easy to incorporate. Finally, we can ALWAYS create new rituals to express what joining together means to the two of you. 

Can we receive premarital counseling from you?

I'm a strong believer in trained counselors handling relationship issues, and I can refer you to some who work specifically with engaged couples on marriage preparation. However, as part of the ceremony creation process we WILL dive into what marriage means to you, where there are differences and similarities, your hopes and fears about marriage, and the specific promises you are making to each other. That means we touch on topics like communication, conflict, families of origin, commitment/fidelity, equity, power, and partnership.  

What is the best way to contact you?

Just text, call or email me!  617-682-0570 or Beth [at] WellwedByBeth [dot] com


Cambridge, MA 02139

Serving the Greater Boston area and destinations.


Text/Tel: 617-682-0750

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