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A new kind of ceremony.

You can have a personal and meaningful ceremony 

without a ton of decisions and to-do's.

Your ceremony will be:

+ Full of moments where your personalities and values shine through.

+ Meaningful with honest emotion, happiness, and "serious joy."

+ Full of vibrant, fresh, nonreligious language inspired by nature, science, literature, music, art, and poetry.

+ Built with traditions and rituals only if they speak to your deep experiences.

+ Structured to bring you and your guests through an emotional arc.

+ A crisp and vital punctuation in your day.

Sincere enough to be moved by the moment.

Relaxed enough to bring out the smiles.

Your ceremony won't be:

- Stagnant wording handed down from a religion you have no connection to.

- Something you have to fill out gobs of forms and interviews to make personal.

- Crammed with meaningless rituals to help make the ceremony "feel important."

- A part of the day you have to "get through" before the fun part.

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